European Art Cinema Day 2018

The European Art Cinema Day is the first common international activity of cinema exhibitors to promote European films and boost the cinema experience in collaboration with the distributors, producers and right holders. The event takes place on Sunday 14th October 2018 and is organised by the CICAE and its national associations members in partnership with Europa Cinemas.

The initiative brings the participant cinemas the opportunity to actively highlight their identity and display their European focus in terms of their programming dedicated to European films and activities in the areas of promotion and innovation, aiming at increasing audiences and circulation for these films.

In this 3rd edition we want to pay special attention to young audience and we invite participant cinemas to organise additional school screenings on Friday 12th or Monday 15th October within the framework of the European Art Cinema Day.

The European Art Cinema Day aims to become an essential cinematographic rendezvous for the audience each autumn increasing the importance and visibility of art cinemas, the work they do for film diversity and to valorise them as meeting points in local communities and their everyday commitment to championing demanding and original programming for all audiences.

Participant cinemas have complete freedom to participate at any level and to create their own programme on the condition that it includes European films. Promotional materials and some ideas or suggestions for your programme will be available in our download area.

Registrations are free of charge and open until 13th October 2018.