Thanks to our wonderful patrons, who support EUROPEAN ART CINEMA DAY! Because of people like you we love cinema.

Maren Ade

“I’m glad to be a patron for European Art Cinema Day, because of all the ways to watch a movie today, cinema is still the most beautiful, sensual and real.”

Maren Ade is an accomplished director, producer and author. She studied at the HFF in Munich and established Komplizen Film – a production company – with Janine Jackowski in 2001. Ade’s ‘Der Wald vor lauter Bäumen’ won the Special Jury Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005 and was nominated for the German Film Award. Her film ‘Alle Anderen’ was honoured with two Silver Bears at the Berlinale. Her latest work, ‘Toni Erdmann’, was part of the official competition at the Festival de Cannes.

Isabelle Huppert

Stephen Frears

"I owe everything to the European cinema. So I am glad that you celebrate European cinema, I always thought it was wonderful."

Englishman Stephen Frears works as a director and film producer. Since breaking through with "My Beautiful Laundrette“ in 1985, he is one of the most important ambassadors of the "New British Cinema“. Among his most famous films are "Dangerous Liaisons“ (1988) and "The Queen“ (2006). The latter - addressing Elizabeth II and Princess Diana’s death - received among other awards an Oscar and two British Academy Film Awards. His wonderful work led to a lifetime achievement award being presented by the European Film Academy in 2011. Currently, his film "Florence Foster Jenkins”, starring Meryl Streep, can be seen in cinemas around Europe.

political patrons

We say thank you to the German and French governments for their support.

Monika Grütters

“Films have this great ability to transport audiences into alternative realities. They allow us to change perspectives and view the world through different eyes. European author films play a prominent role in promoting both cultural diversity and rapprochement among the peoples of Europe.

The European Art Cinema Day showcases European author films and will help capture the imaginations of new audience segments. The participating arthouse cinemas and their varied programmes provide an ideal and timely platform for important cultural exchange. Impressively, they live the principle of unity through diversity.”

Prof. Monika Grütters is the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

Audrey Azoulay

Audrey Azoulay is the French Minister of Culture and Communication.

Audrey Azoulay ist Frankreichs Ministerin für Kultur und Kommunikation.